Debem Midgetbox/Cubic Series Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps


• Product of Italian origin
• Patented stall protection pneumatic circuit
• Works with non-lubricated air
• Self priming
• Possibility of adjusting the pumping speed
• Versatility of use
• Broad choice of materials that are compatible with the fluid to be pumped
• Idles without damage
• Particularly suitable for heavy duty applications
• High performance
• High power and sturdiness
• Available with NPT fittings (on request)
• Suitable for pumping high viscosity fluids
• Can be set up in tight spaces
• Atex zone 1 (on request) - Atex zone 2 standard
• Can be ceiling-mounted
• Midgetbox - the smallest pneumatic pump for chemical industry on the mark
• Continuous operation
• 1 year warranty- according to our general conditions of sale
• Spare parts: to identify the spare parts check the exploded views provided at the end of the operation and maintenance manual

Please read the following PDF document to learn more about the product.
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Manufactured in Italia with patented stall protection pneumatic circuit, Watercare Products Pte. Ltd.’s Debem air operated double diaphragm pumps are versatile in operation. Air operated double diaphragm pumps have good suction lift characteristics and capable of handling sludges or slurries with a relatively high amount of grit and solid content. It is self-operated using pressure differences in the pumped liquid, with the compressed air as power source. We offer broad choices of diaphragms material depending of compatibility with ranges of fluid to be pumped, resulting in high performance and durability of the system even under continuous operation. We provide assurance with one year warranty, according to general conditions of sale.


4 Stroke
Max Power
62kW/6000 (r/min)
2 Cylinder
Max Torque
101N·m/5000 (r/min)
Displacement (ml)

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