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Watts® Series 2300 Direct Operated Water Pressure Reducing Valves


• Sizes: 3" – 4".
• An essentially balanced single seat minimizes variation in delivery pressure resulting from varying inlet pressure.
• A large Hycar diaphragm ensures a sensitive response to the slightest changes in reduced pressure.
• Packless design eliminates stuffing box friction.
• Hycar composition single seat provides for dead-end shutoff and prevents pressure-creep when no flow is required.
• Self-aligning design. Eliminates the need for a stem guide in the bottom flanges and removes a point of direct collection that can cause faulty operation.
• Disc and piston are located to minimize the possibility of obstruction by dirt.
• Large pressure plate gives ample support to the diaphragm – assuring long life.
• Self-contained design, requires no control lines.
• All internal parts accessible by removing blind flange or spring chamber. Regular maintenance can be performed with the valve body in line.
• No stuffing box maintenance required.

Please read the following PDF document to learn more about the product.
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